Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child exploitation is child abuse.


Any child from any background can be sexually exploited, regardless of their gender or sexuality or their social or ethnic background.


  • Age is also not an indicator of risk – the children you work with are not too young.
  • Offenders are highly manipulative: they can use violence and fear, blackmail or make the child feel guilty, worthless or that they’ve got no choice.
  • Offenders can be any adults or children, male or female, and from any background.
  • The offenders who do this are skilled at targeting and grooming young people.


If you have any concerns that a child or young person you know may be a victim of child sexual exploitation, help is available.


Any practitioner with concerns should speak to their Safeguarding Officer and follow their agency's safeguarding procedures.


To view the All Wales 'Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children who are at Risk of Abuse through Sexual Exploitation' Protocol click here or to download a copy of the SERAF Risk Assessment Form or the SERAF Risk Assessment - Scoring Guidance


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