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CTSCB recognise that professionals and volunteers are the most valuable asset when working with children, young people and their families to achieve positive outcomes. 


It is important that professionals and volunteers work together so that the benefits of partnership working are translated into positive outcomes for children and young people.


The CTSCB has developed policies and procedures for the purpose of coordinating what is done by each representative body to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the Cwm Taf area.


If there is a policy or procedure that you are unable to find – please contact the Business Unit on 01443 484 524 or alternatively via email at cwmtafsafeguarding@rctcbc.gov.uk

Social Networking guidance-Endorsed Final Version-Dec14.pdf - (174.2KB - pdf)

Conference Report Guidance - Endorsed June 15.pdf - (689.9KB - pdf)

Children's MASH process - (96.4KB - pdf)

Guidance on Long Term Visiting Regulations-Endorsed Dec 14.pdf - (246.1KB - pdf)

Recording and Managing Child Protection Conferences - Endorsed June 15.pdf - (882.1KB - pdf)

Working with Families not Cooperating with Safeguarding Issues - Endorsed 14-1.pdf - (128.7KB - pdf)

C1 Guidance Document - Endorsed 14-12 (updated 15-5).pdf - (247.9KB - pdf)

Conference Report Guidance - Endorsed June 15.pdf (1) - (689.9KB - pdf)

CP Escalation Policy -Endorsed 14-01.pdf - (66.4KB - pdf)

CTSCB Process for Protocols - Endorsed 13-3.pdf - (188.7KB - pdf)

Domestic Abuse Protocol - AWCPPRG - Final 27 04 11.pdf - (366.3KB - pdf)

Guidance in Relation to the CPR and Children Looked After - Endorsed-13-9.pdf - (153.4KB - pdf)

MASH Professional Abuse Threshold Tool- Endorsed 14-12.pdf - (139.5KB - pdf)

MASH Protocol Resolution of Professional Disagreements - Endorsed 14-12.pdf - (202.0KB - pdf)

Practice Guidance Core Group Meetings - Endorsed 15-6.pdf - (337.9KB - pdf)

Professional Disagreements - Flow Chart (Appendix for Professional Resolution).pdf - (239.3KB - pdf)

Responding to Allegations Against Childcare Professionals Protocol - Endorsed 14-1.pdf - (344.9KB - pdf)

Safeguarding & Promoting the Welfare of Children at Risk of Abuse through Sexual Exploitation Protocol - AWCPPRG - FINAL REVISION October 2013.pdf - (358.4KB - pdf)

Social Networking Guidance - Endorsed 14-12.pdf - (0KB - )

SERAF Risk Assessment Form - (302.6KB - doc)

SERAF Risk Assessment - Scoring Guidance - (220.2KB - doc)

APR-CPR Referral of Case for Consideration - (18.2KB - docx)

Guidance and Information for foster carers when an allegaion has been made against you-Final-Endorsed-June 2016 - (129.3KB - pdf)

Disclosure of Childhood Abuse by a Person who is now an Adult- Endorsed Dec 2016.pdf - (172.9KB - pdf)

Protocol for Management of Self Ham-Endorsed-June 2016 - (370.3KB - pdf)

Immediate Response Protocol - Endorsed-December 2016 version 5.pdf - (413.6KB - pdf)

Protocol for Resolving Concerns about Inter-agency Safeguarding Practice-Final-Endorsed-June 2016 - (318.7KB - pdf)

Baby and Infant Safe sleeping Guidance v2 - Endorsed December 2016.pdf - (273.9KB - pdf)

Guidance in relation to prebirth conferences-Endorsed-March2013.pdf - (235.9KB - pdf)

C1-New Child Report Form-Endorsed-Dec14(updated_May15).doc - (97.3KB - doc)

All-Wales-Child-Protection-Procedures-2008.pdf - (702.9KB - pdf)

HR Policy for Schools Safer Recruitment - (410.3KB - pdf)

Schools Safeguarding policy Endorsed June 2017.pdf - (966.3KB - pdf)

Challenging Cases Protocol - (147.5KB - pdf)

Public Health Wales Dog Bite Review - (412.7KB - pdf)

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