Challenging Cases

Report Concerns

To report concerns about a child in RCT call:

01443 425 006


To report concerns about an adult at risk in RCT call:

01443 425 003


To report concerns in
Merthyr Tydfil call:

01685 725 000


Emergency Out of hours contact number:

01443 743 665

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Download - Challenging Cases

Protocol for Responding to Challenging Cases who are on the Child Protection Register


The Challenging Cases protocol provides practitioners with guidance on the process to be followed in cases where a Child Protection Care and Support Plan is not reducing the risk to a child or young person, living in the Cwm Taf area (Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil) who is on the Child Protection register.


This may include children and young people who are at risk of child sexual exploitation or those who are putting themselves at risk through their own behaviour.


This protocol can be applied at any stage during the Child Protection process, at any point of involvement and regardless of the length of time the child has been on the register.


This document does not replace the current All Wales Child Protection Procedures but should be used to provide guidance in identifying and assessing possible risks to children and young people and to reduce the risk of harm to the lowest reasonably foreseeable level.


Below is a list of risk assessment tools available to support the Child Protection process at any stage and can be used to support this protocol.

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